Cres & Lošinj

Cres and Lošinj are two beautiful islands connected with a small bridge. The first thing that comes to mind with these two islands is exotics. Mediterranean herbs, griffon vultures, dolphins, sea food specialities… It is all here in the most beautiful part of north Adriatic.
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Did you know that, according to some sources, the Republic of Dubrovnik was the first country in the world to recognize the United States in 1783. The Pharmacy of the Little Brothers in the Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik is the oldest pharmacy in the world. In the Republic of Dubrovnik, slavery was banned, declared illegal, and as shameful and inhumane condemned in 1416, more than 600 years ago, before America, in which the rise of slavery is yet to take place, was even discovered.
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Island Hvar

Island of Hvar is one of the most beautiful islands of the world. Its climate is healthiest it can be, its history is as rich as it can be, its gastronomy is as tastier as one can be. The sea here is warmer than elsewhere, as if, by giving life to this planet, it shows where that gift was given and received in the most beautiful way.
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Korcula is one of those cities that are at the same time open-air museums that you can sightsee endlessly. Each step reveals new stories and new history, and the duration of the tour depends solely on how much you want to go into the depth of each building and each detail. An absolutely perfect destination that has it all. The south of Dalmatia, the island, the clear sea, the pines, the multitude of events and the fascinating history to which the city owes its fascinating appearance.
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National Park Paklenica

Due to its unique natural basis, exceptional geomorphological shapes and magnificent forests, the area of ​​Velika and Mala Paklenica was declared a national park in 1949. The main reason for declaring this area a national park was the protection of the best preserved and largest forest complex in Dalmatia.
Paklenica National Park covers an area of ​​95 km2, on the slopes of southern Velebit, and there are its highest peaks – Vaganski vrh (1757 meters above the sea) and Sveto Brdo (1753 meters above the sea). It includes the area of ​​torrent flows of Velika and Mala Paklenica, and their recognizable canyons vertically incised into the southern slopes of Velebit, and the wider surrounding area. In a relatively small area, there is an exceptional wealth of geomorphological phenomena and shapes, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and untouched nature. The diversity of the living world is conditioned by climatic characteristics but also by the rich and diverse geological past.
Recognizable features of the Paklenica National Park are indigenous black pine forests and deep canyons with streams-torrents Velika and Mala Paklenica. The wider area of ​​NP Paklenica is characterized by a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

National Park Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia.
With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers, so on April 8, 1949, it was declared the first national park in Croatia. The process which forms travertine barriers and creates lakes, is a unique universal value for which Plitvice Lakes received international recognition on October 26, 1979, by being inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 1997, the area of ​​the National Park was expanded and since then it has covered an area of ​​slightly less than 300 km2.
The park is mostly covered with forest vegetation, a smaller part with grasslands, and the most interesting and most attractive part of the park for tourists – lakes, occupy only a little less than 1% of the Park area.
The lake system consists of 16 named and several smaller, cascading lakes. Due to the geological background and characteristic hydrogeological conditions, the lake system is divided into Upper and Lower Lakes.
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The story of Split has been going on for 17 centuries, ever since the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace on the peninsula near the great Roman city of Salona, ​​where he would spend the last years of his life in peace. In those 1700 years, the Palace slowly became a city, which today attracts with its rich tradition, magnificent history, beauty of natural and cultural heritage.
Diocletian’s Palace and the entire historic centre of Split have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. By walking through the ancient city, it is possible to travel through time, observe top examples of ancient architecture such as the Peristyle, medieval Romanesque churches and Gothic palaces, Renaissance portals of aristocratic houses, Baroque facades, all the way to modern architecture remarkably blended into rich heritage.
Split is much more than a magnificent architectural pearl. It is a city where it is possible to enjoy top gastronomy and wines, find numerous cultural events such as film and theatre festivals, exhibitions, top museums and concerts, a city that offers entertainment from numerous clubs and bars through street events to festivals.

Hi everybody! I just wanted to let you know that we landed safely and are still mesmerised by our holiday. We enjoyed it every step of the way. We’re so sad it ended. So, thank you for the organization and being so cooperative entire time.

Where to begin?! What a wonderful experience. We had a great time in Dubrovnik. Special thanks to Tomislav who is so knowledgeable and kind. Restaurants in the city and in Konavle are just great. The dinner on the top station of the cable car with that panorama is something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Top professionals, always available, answering e-mails in an extremely short time. Full of knowledge about the country that they very happily shared with me.

Debbie from US

You guys look like you’re on a mission there.

I would like to thank you for the planning and organization. Special thanks for your support in transferring my buddy to hospital. We felt very confident during whole program because of you. Sorry for constant changes on our part and thank you indeed for your tremendous patience.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I just found the time to arrange my Croatian memories and souvenirs. I truly enjoyed my journey through Croatia, in great part because of you doing a great job. My husband na I felt that we were in safe hands all of the time, even when we had to rearrange our schedule because of weather it was done so easy and without stress. We will recommend both you and your country to our friends. Especially Korcula ?!

Totally surprised with wine range and quality you have in Croatia. Couldn’t decide between Greece and Croatia this year, but am so glad to choose the latter. Your service was great, quick and what I like the most are suggestions where to go and warnings what to avoid, which is quite rare.

Thank you very much for organising my travel. You made me very, very happy. I’m not easy customer to be around, but just couldn’t find anything to whine about. My mother instilled in me a love for travel! I’m very thankful for that, among other reason, because of trips like this one and experiences like I had with you.

Thank you for a wonderful program! It’s definitely one of the best travels of MY LIFE. We were never bored and yet had enough time for ourselves, felt alive and aware during entire journey. We came back home rejuvenated, ready to start planning another journey like this.

You guys made us feel at home during our Croatian tour. Local guides in Dubrovnik and Split were just phenomenal. We stayed in touch. And everything else was great, Croatia must be a great country to live in.