Hit-dalmatia-fort-dalmacija-marko-kapitanovic-tz-split-alkar-na-konjuAlmost everybody is familiar with the beauties and charms of the Croatian coast. They are generally known; millions are strewn on it during the summer. On the coast there is by far the most people, there is by far the largest and most diverse offer, there are the highest prices, there we wake up and lie down with the scent of sunscreen, the red burned backs of unprepared tourists shine on summer sun, rubber fins, snorkels, speedboats, yachts… Because all of that some would say “there is no Mediterranean like sub-Mediterranean”. On the coast, sometimes hot nights can be pleasant only by sacrificing sinuses to air conditioners. In the Dalmatian hinterland, the evening get togethers take place in long sleeves due to the freshness of the night, and falling asleep is, instead of a sweaty nightmare, a relaxing pleasure.

Impressive natural forms

In addition to the most visited area around waterfall Skradinski buk and river island Visovac, we also recommend a visit to the area of ​​Roški waterfall. As a dominant one, the feeling of freshness remains in the memory, which is created by the abundance of water that murmurs in all directions, crashes down rapids, springs from the ground, swirls in rolling mills and and around green and lush vegetation. And while the sea is sometimes too warm in the middle of summer, swimming in river Krka guarantees refreshment. There are also Imotski Lakes. Along with Plitvice Lakes and Krka River, Blue and Red Imotski Lakes are certainly the most impressive natural forms in our country. Blue Lake is accessible by landscaped pedestrian serpentines and is a favourite beach of locals. Get down and swim – the experience of swimming in the grandiose karst krater is unforgettable.

Zagora also offers many activities, explore the area of ​​the Cetina River near town Trilj in a raft or canoe, go hiking from village Zagvozd up to spectacular Biokovo mountain or discover the magic of cycling through Imotski field on two wheels.

Turbulent history, both ancient and recent, has left many treasures that can be revealed by the curious, visit the Knin Museum at Knin Fortress, walk through Sinj and visit the Museum of Sinj Alka, which opened a few years ago on the occasion of the three hundredth anniversary of this famous competition.

Immerse yourself in the treasures and stories of the Franciscan monastery in Imotski, and in town Vrgorac visit the tower where the greatest Croatian poet Tin Ujević was born. As for accommodation in each city you will find at least one hotel and plenty of private accommodation, rooms, apartments, houses for rent. Zagora as a top tourist destination is still in the discovery phase, so the prices are cheaper than on the coast, and the same applies to the gastronomic offer.