Undoubtedly, the shooting of famous scenes at a location, in today’s film phase of history, represents a great tourist potential. So, although we’re going to miss a lot of it, let’s see what these movies are and what those places are.
In the second half of the last century, Zagreb’s Jadran film had one of the largest studios in this part of Europe. Lower filming costs attracted Western filmmakers, and when they were already there, they would often shoot outside the studio.

Croatia – movie destination

In the eighties, Jackie Chan’s action films were popular, and the most spectacular parts of the film “God’s Armor” were shot in the centre of Zagreb. Some of the stunt scenes were shot at Dolac market. Parts of the famous film “Sofia’s Choice”, in which Meryl Streep dominates with her Oscar-winning masterpiece performance, were also shot in Zagreb. Speaking of the Oscars, in 1979 the award for best foreign film went to the German film Tin Drum with scenes shot in Zagreb’s street Ilica. In the eighties, the war series The Dirty Dozen was very popular in our country, two episodes of which were filmed in Zagreb. It is similar with the series Winds of War, which also marked the eighties. In the film From Russia with Love Sean Connory as James Bond, on his way to the Orient Express, stops for a moment at Central Station. According to many film critics, the most valuable film made in Zagreb is “Process”, based on Kafka’s novel, a film directed by Orson Welles, whose love for this region was undisguised. Part of the film was shot in the Jadran film studio and part in various locations in Zagreb.

When it comes to famous films made in Croatia, most people think of a series of films about Winnetou, the Indian chief from books of Karl May. Winnetou was filmed at many locations in the karst part of Croatia, such as Plitvice Lakes, Krka river, Paklenica canyon, Zrmanja river and Cetina river canyon.

Few people know that in Lekenik, a small town near Sisak, about 40 years ago, the film Fiddler on the Roof was made, winner of several Oscars and Golden Globes.
In the last years, by far the most popular foreign production filmed in Croatia is the successful HBO series Game of Thrones filmed in Split region and Dubrovnik.