Brač is one of the largest and most populated Croatian islands and one of those that are most connected to the mainland by their life cycles. It is located across from Split, the largest Dalmatian city, with which it is connected by frequent ferry lines, so there are frequent daily migrations of people from Split who work on Brac and opposite. The ferry docks at Supetar, the town you will first meet when you arrive on this island.

Most famous Adriatic beach – Zlatni rat beach

Supetar is a beautiful town with a picturesque old centre dotted with narrow cobbled streets and a waterfront that frames the bay along which there are many restaurants. While driving around the island one come across many larger and smaller towns and villages, each with its own story and soul. If we take the road from Supetar to the west, we pass through the village of Mirca and go to Sutivan, then further south to Milna.

Settlements are more frequent and larger in the northern part of the island than in the south, but right there on the shores of the Hvar Channel is probably the most famous place on Brac and certainly the most famous Adriatic beach, town Bol and Zlatni rat beach. A unique beach that emerges from the cool pine forest, with fine pebbles that are neither too big nor too thick, and emerges into turquoise sea.

As if its beauty is not enough, it is adorned with another phenomenon, a constant change of shape, which depends on the waves and the direction of the wind.

Bol is the tourist centre of the island with the largest accommodation capacity, the biggest hotels and many events during the tourist season. The view of Bol and Zlatni rat is the most beautiful from the top of Vidova gora, the highest peak of all Croatian islands, 778 meters high above the sea. At the very top there is a small and nice, wooden restaurant. Nibbling on prosciutto and cheese, on a warm wind, almost 800 meters above the sea and one of the most beautiful beaches on this planet is a unique pleasure. Although almost all life takes place on the coast, Brac has an extremely interesting interior. Just to mention oldest village of the island, Škrip.

White stone from Brač

To take a break from the hustle and bustle along the coast, we definitely recommend that you take a walk through this old place, and enjoy the peace you will find among the characteristic old stone houses. To Brač one can also come from Makarska with ferry, then you land at Sumartin, the easternmost place on the island. For those who want less crowds on the beach, we note that near Sumartin there are several quiet and secluded coves with beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. Driving from Sumartin to Supetar, you will pass by Pučišća, where there is a famous stonemason’s school, created on a long tradition of processing the esteemed Brač white stone. It is the most valuable export product of Brač, which is part of many famous and lesser-known buildings in the Western world.

Although Brač is primarily an island of sea and sun, apart from lazing, sunbathing and swimming, be sure to take a ride around the island, explore these small places that will for sure become part of your hearts.