It is in our nature to simplify a complex and heterogeneous reality by describing it with homogeneous, monolithic terms and phrases. By doing so, we most often distort reality in order to be in line with our worldview, ideology or interest. The black and white world is appealing. Easy to identify with, classify, praise, condemn… From such a perspective, one should flee because it contains great potential for many bad things, turning lies into truth, manipulations, prejudices, labeling… Language allows us to describe diversity as diversity so we need to do so.

Speleological system Barać caves

But sometimes, just sometimes, very few words can explain much. These are cases when the grandiose, diverse and spectacular reality is based on a simple basic principle that constantly repeated, with perturbations, leads to great results. So, Croatia owes its most famous and most visited natural beauty to one simple fact and we will not be very wrong if we say – Croatia is so beautiful because limestone melts in water. Travertine barriers of the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the Krka National Park, geomorphological forms of Velebit montain, countless Croatian caves and other speleological objects, cave ornaments, sinkholes, etc. – all that exist because of the solubility of limestone.

One o those system is speleological system Barać caves. It is located in the municipality of Rakovica, only twenty kilometers from Plitvice Lakes. It consists of several caves of different dimensions, from the 23 meter long Cave in the dry valley to the longest cave system Ponorac – Jovina cave with a length of 2834 meters. The caves are rich in stalactites, stalagmites, pillars and cascades.

Upper Barać cave is open for tourist tours and programs. An expert guide will guide you along the illuminated path bordered by cave ornaments, the tour lasts about 60 minutes during which you can hear the story of the millennial formation of the cave, geological material and valuable archaeological finds.

The guide will show you many stone monuments, the residence of the cave bear, the sites of archaeological finds, etc. The halls and canals are easily accessible for all ages of visitors. During the program, a moment of absolute silence and absolute darkness is planned, the moment in which you see nothing, absolutely nothing is at the same time the most memorable. The temperature of 9 degrees is constant throughout the year, so it is desirable to have warmer clothes.

Natural beauty of Croatia

Visitors, primarily children, can participate in educational workshops. Topics relate to biodiversity, archaeological features, paleontological findings, geodiversity, speleology, bats and nature conservation. When we talk about Barać caves, it is worth to mention that the underground is not the only one that captivates with its beauty. The nature around the entrance to the caves is a real mountain idyll, green and juicy. As this is a part of Croatia that abounds in natural beauty, you can combine a visit to Barać’s caves with a visit to one of them. You’ve probably already heard of Plitvice Lakes National Park, that is nearby.

Near Plitvice Lakes is the mill settlement Rastoke at the mouth of Slunjčica river into Korana river near town Slunj. It is a truly unique settlement interspersed with waterfalls, ponds and backwaters that flow with pure sparkling water. Also we definitely recommend that, with prior notice, you visit the ranch Dear Valley in the area of ​​Drežnik Grad.