Variety of activities in different natural environments

River kayaking, mountain cycling, paintball, mountain climbing

Discovering Croatia’s natural wonders

Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park, oldest, largest and most visited in Croatia

Croatia is special country for many reasons and one of them is its extremely rich diversity of natural environments gathered in a very small area. If we cross about 15 kilometres from Lika over one of the Velebit passes to the Adriatic coast, we will pass through a large number of climatic, relief and biological units. Such areas are exceptional travel meccas, especially for those who want to travel actively and spend time in nature. The Four Seasons of Croatia program, therefore, uses the relief and climatic diversity of Croatia, which conditions exceptional diversity in the appearance of landscapes between lowland coastal areas with heat and lush vegetation and those in higher mountain areas. The gradual increase in the altitude of the program alternates the landscapes from sunny coast to eternal snow and ice, and thus the activities that travellers engage in.

8 days


Time of year
from April to November
DAY 1 - Zadar sunset - the most beautiful in the world
Arrival to Zadar and accommodation in the hotel. After accommodation and refreshment there is a possibility of swimming in the sea. Going on a tour of the old town accompanied by a local tourist guide. A tour continues with sightseeing of modern attractions such as the Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun. Dinner in one of Zadar's restaurants.
DAY 2 - Kayaking on the river Zrmanja
Breakfast. Going to the starting point where kayaking preparations and instructions will follow. After everybody is ready the kayaking tour begins. During the kayak excitements participants will enjoy unique landscapes of river Zrmanja canyon one of the most beautiful natural ambiences in Croatia. At a lunch time there will be a picnic break - an open-air lunch by the river. Continuation of kayaking on the Zrmanja. Return to the hotel.
DAY 3 - Adrenaline activities in the adventure and excursion centre Rizvan City
After breakfast participants take a trip to the adventure and excursion centre Rizvan City where adrenaline activities take place: paintball, adrenaline park, zip line, artificial rock climbing and archery. All activities take place under professional supervision in the centre of Lika, largest Croatian mountain region. After adrenalin activities on the fresh air a lunch will be served with traditional specialities of the region. Return to the hotel.
DAY 4 - Lika cycling
After breakfast, departure for a bike tour on the Lika transversal road that stretches from Gospić to Korenica. Enjoying cycling through uninhabited plateaus and wastelands of this region with extremely sparse population. After reaching the end point of the cycling tour there will be a traditional lunch served. in one of Lika's restaurants. Return to the hotel.
DAY 5 - Plitvice Lakes National Park cycling tour
Breakfast. Cycling excursion along the road that leads to the top of the Great Waterfall within the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Sightseeing of the Plitvice Lakes National Park accompanied by a local tourist guide, a tour among waterfalls, lakes and travertine barriers. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest and the largest national park in Croatia. It is also, by many, the most beautiful natural phenomenon, and it is therefore very firm part of national identity. After the program in the park there will be a lunch held in one of the restaurants within the national park. Return to the hotel.
DAY 6 - Gacka River Valley tour
Breakfast. Departure toward Gacka River Valley. Arrival to the area of many of Gacka’s springs and visiting traditional mills with the presentation of traditional mill crafts. The river Gacka is one of the most beautiful small rivers in Europe. It has a population of brown trout that grow five times faster than average. Departure to Kuterevo, a village on the slopes of Velebit mountain, the longest Croatian mountain. Visiting shelter for young bears who were saved by volunteers after they lost their parents. Return to the hotel.
DAY 7 - Exploring Northern Velebit National Park
Breakfast. Drive toward Zavižan. Visiting the highest meteorological station in Croatia and a the Botanical Garden accompanied by park employee. Walk along the Premužić trail, one of the most beautiful and spectacular European mountain trails. Lunch in one of the restaurants in the mountainous part of Croatia. Return to the hotel.
DAY 8 - End of program
Breakfast. Leisure time and end of service.

Hi everybody! I just wanted to let you know that we landed safely and are still mesmerised by our holiday. We enjoyed it every step of the way. We’re so sad it ended. So, thank you for the organization and being so cooperative entire time.

Where to begin?! What a wonderful experience. We had a great time in Dubrovnik. Special thanks to Tomislav who is so knowledgeable and kind. Restaurants in the city and in Konavle are just great. The dinner on the top station of the cable car with that panorama is something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Top professionals, always available, answering e-mails in an extremely short time. Full of knowledge about the country that they very happily shared with me.

Debbie from US

You guys look like you’re on a mission there.

I would like to thank you for the planning and organization. Special thanks for your support in transferring my buddy to hospital. We felt very confident during whole program because of you. Sorry for constant changes on our part and thank you indeed for your tremendous patience.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I just found the time to arrange my Croatian memories and souvenirs. I truly enjoyed my journey through Croatia, in great part because of you doing a great job. My husband na I felt that we were in safe hands all of the time, even when we had to rearrange our schedule because of weather it was done so easy and without stress. We will recommend both you and your country to our friends. Especially Korcula ?!

Totally surprised with wine range and quality you have in Croatia. Couldn’t decide between Greece and Croatia this year, but am so glad to choose the latter. Your service was great, quick and what I like the most are suggestions where to go and warnings what to avoid, which is quite rare.

Thank you very much for organising my travel. You made me very, very happy. I’m not easy customer to be around, but just couldn’t find anything to whine about. My mother instilled in me a love for travel! I’m very thankful for that, among other reason, because of trips like this one and experiences like I had with you.

Thank you for a wonderful program! It’s definitely one of the best travels of MY LIFE. We were never bored and yet had enough time for ourselves, felt alive and aware during entire journey. We came back home rejuvenated, ready to start planning another journey like this.

You guys made us feel at home during our Croatian tour. Local guides in Dubrovnik and Split were just phenomenal. We stayed in touch. And everything else was great, Croatia must be a great country to live in.